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In an effort to make our menu as approachable as possible, we're breaking down the basics so you don't have to. Check out the definitions of some of our most common menu items.

DOSA: it’s kinda like a crèpe
ALOO: spiced potatoes
PURI: fried flour shell
SEV: a fine and crispy chickpea noodle
CHAATS: chaats are a savory snack or appetizer
PICKLES: not like western vinegar based pickles. these are fruits and veggies preserved in mustard oil & salt
PARATHA: unleavened flatbread, layered with ghee, griddled, flakey
PANEER: aka indian farmers cheese, this is a fresh cheese with a firm and spongy body, made from cow milk
MASALA: indian spice blends made for various dishes, ex: garam, tikka, chaat

RAITAS: popular yogurt based sauce
CHUTNEYS: kinda like a dip

TOTALLY BINDAAS: hindi slang for chill, the coolest
JHAKAAS: hindi slang for awesome
YAAR: it means dude